Craft Workshops

Summer / Winter                                                            Easter / Halloween
Plate Decorating                                                               Pumpkin Carving
Sock Puppet Making                                                         Fluffy Spider Making
Badge Making                                                                   Pom Poms making
Balloon Heads (Balloon decoration)                                  Egg Decorating
Finger Puppets                                                                  Monster Plates
Event Bugs
Bean Sprout Planting                                                                                               Mini Bottle Necklace Making                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   All our workshops can be adjusted to fit your event from Christmas to Summer or Easter/Halloween themes.

Our workshops are fun and enjoyable for all ages. Many public events and visitor attractions now have an Arts & Crafts element that encourages a fun community element to public events and occasions. Offering your customers and visitors the opportunity to remember their day with a handcrafted souvenir and a lasting reminder of your event and your brand.

We can offer short pop up work stations, great for shopping centers and family fun days where you want people to just stop off for a few minutes and participate in a brief activity, or you can choose a longer more involved workshop lasting a few hours suitable for children’s parties and community events.

Our workshops can be adjusted to suit the the children’s ages.